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animation films

| –––studios warschau and krakau

––––Janczak created a whole series of animated short films in these two studios. These films mostly dealt with socially critical topics. Graphic, plastic and photographic aids animate the images.

––––1982    Pietà

––––1980    The Clock (Co-Author: R. Gadek)

––––1979    Small Clothes

––––1979    Circus

––––1978    The Wall

––––1977    Ab ovo

––––1977    Recital – Musicians on the streets

––––1976    Kres – mechanical reanimation of a man on the intensive care station

––––1976    The Boxer – Protest again brutality

––––1975    The Hunt

––––1974    The birds

––––1973    Goal

––––1972    Illusion

––––1971    Degustation – A comparison of natural foods against mass produced food

––––1970    Aqua pura

––––1968    Flying Dragon

––––1967    Elegy of a robber (Co-Author: K. Urbanski)

––––1967    Be vigilant

––––1963    Moto Gas – environmental pollution through car exhausts (Co-Author: K. Urbanski)